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Bernard Loffet, instrument maker. Click here to contact me.
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My 1st CD...

My new CD : 
Bernard Loffet : 2nd CD 'Action !'

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Bernard Loffet's Diatonic Accordion "Graet e Breizh".  
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You're listening "Valse à Mary" (partition & tablature)

Hello! The accordion you see above is one of the instruments I make. My name is Bernard Loffet, and I am an instrument maker in Caudan, near Lorient, in Brittany, France. In my workshop we make DBA (Diatonic Button Accordions) and also repair, rent or sell musical instruments, mainly wind instruments such as clarinets, oboes, saxophones, flutes, bassoons...

Diatonic accordion "Petit" model.  
Click here for more info about my accordians This kind of accordion is called "Melodion" or diatonic accordion, and it's mainly used in folk music. It's an easy to handle, easy to play diatonic instrument, that works like the harmonica : when you push a button when pushing the bellows, you get a note, but when you push the same button when pulling the bellows, you get a different one.

In my workshop, Gautier, Michel, Teddy and I make 16 melodion models : Student, Graet e Breizh and Pro range. You can listen to the sound of my accordions by downloading sound files on the MP3 page

Bernard Loffet

I am a musician, and I play French & Breton music, mainly for "fest-noz" : traditional dance evenings.

Bernard Loffet : 2nd CD 'Action !'
Here are my CD's "Moteur !" and "Action !", traditional dance music and songs from Brittany !

With Pascal Cranga, a friend of mine, also an instrument maker, we created a line of cases and bags for musical instruments, classical and traditional : Gama Cases, Hop !!!

I also make a professional PA system for accordion (stage microphones).

Links about Accordion, Melodion, Breton and French folk music.

The CADB site, and Paroles d'anches

Music & tablatures for melodion (diatonic accordion)

A question, want to react ? Leave me a message.

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